Does your group or club want more insight into a current issue or fundamental concept without having to devote a lot of time to research and reading?

These talks provide a comprehensive overview of the issue in 40 minutes, with a 20-minute Q&A session, allowing participants to dig into areas of particular interest.  This is a great format for civic clubs and student groups.  

I am currently available to speak on the following topics; I can tailor my lectures based on audience background and circumstances:

  • The Euro crisis
  • Caffeine, interest rates, and evil leprechauns: the financial crisis of 2007
  • What is a constitution? Why does it matter?
  • Brexit
  • Politics without Romance: Public Choice theory
  • The Use of Knowledge in Society: A Short Jaunt through Hayek's World
  • Wealth amidst poverty: a new approach to international development
  • Liberty and rights… why they still matter
  • Living happily without the state: an introduction to anarcho-capitalism
  • Income inequality in the US: are we asking the right questions?
  • Name your topic in political economy! Let's talk!

Interested? Contact me at for more details, including scheduling, travel expenses and honorarium.