My public speaking encompasses dozens of events and conferences to a wide variety of audiences.  I enjoy speaking to audiences of economists and professionals as well as those with a casual interest in how economics impacts the world. Economics can be complex – but it's really just about everyday life.  One of my great pleasures is explaining complicated economic concepts through stories and narratives.  
I am available to speak on topics related to constitutional political economy, institutional economics, Austrian economics, and the history of economic thought, including:

  • The financial crisis of 2007
  • The Euro crisis and Brexit
  • Public Choice theory
  • Austrian economics
  • Constitutional political economy
  • Income inequality & poverty
  • Restoring our lost rights
  • Wine economics

I also have a series of "Everything You Need to Know in 40 Minutes" talks on both current and foundational issues perfect for college clubs and civic organizations.
If you're interested in having me speak at your event or to your group, please contact me at for more details, including scheduling, travel expenses and honorarium.